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ABOUT US: DIPAC Technical Services LLC was created to provide quality technical services for the energy & power industry. DIPAC provides first class service skills for power plant installation, commissioning, and maintenance services. DIPAC has extensive industrial experience with a variety of power generating equipment and control systems with a mastery focused on Aero-derivative gas turbines and reciprocating engines, along with the associated balance of plant. 

Headquartered in Jacksonville Florida, DIPAC can provide rapid services to North America and the Caribbean, but also has talent strategically placed within European & Asian markets. 

The DIPAC team brings more than 50 years of combined experience in a variety of industries such as power generation, industry OEM's, and equipment lifecycle management. 

MISSION: Our mission is to provide scalable professional services at a very reasonable cost to the end users while maintaining the quality of ownership.


  • Power generation - Gas turbines, Reciprocating Engines & Generators 

  • Electrical Grid & Protection Study

  • On-site Technical Labor Services 

  • Assembly, Installation, and Demobilization

  • Energy Storage Systems

  • Remote Monitoring, Support, & Diagnostics

  • Technical Equipment Brokerage, Pre-purchase Inspections & Advisement 

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