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DIPAC offers industry leading services for your Aero-derivative gas turbine & generator needs. With years of experience across multiple industries such as Power Generation, Oil & Gas, and other Industrial Plants our talented and reliable team can support various equipment requirements. We will work rapidly to ensure the service is performed with the highest quality and will exceed your expectations. Below is a list of the many expert services the DIPAC team provides:

  • Remote Technical Support

  • Control System Fault Finding & Diagnostics 

  • Generator Testing 

  • Generator Breaker Testing 

  • AVR Servicing and Commissioning 

  • Borescope Inspections 

  • Alignment Services 

  • Fuel/Water Mapping (SAC)

  • Emissions Testing 

  • Planned & Unplanned Outage Support

  • Lifecycle Management Consultation 

  • Operational Support 

  • Site Management 

  • Turbine Part Sourcing and Vendor Management 

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