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James Howard
James Howard

(Listen To This Song) DIA Color Coded [BETTER]

Kanade appears to be very accepting and sympathetic towards her fellow circle members; they are grateful for her and the group she created. She aspires to make other people happy with her music as her father once did. Incredibly hardworking to the point of skipping sleep and overworking herself, she puts almost too much effort into her work. As well as this, Kanade will urge other circle members to rest whilst continuing to push herself to make more and more songs.

(Listen To This Song) DIA Color Coded


The video, directed by Joseph Kahn, shows the four members along with two females and one male dancer singing and dancing in color-coded sets resembling apartment living rooms. Rowland is in blue clothes to match her equally blue room. Knowles is in an orange room, while Franklin is in a red room and Williams in a white room. After the first verse and the chorus, the girls, along with furniture from their respective color-coded sets, switch rapidly between the other members' sets. Soon after the second verse, all girls gather in a garage-like room complete with cars and Destiny's Child in black PVC-pants and orange tops and all of the dancers, dressed in black, from the video.

Coach Guitar is a great way to learn the guitar online, as it offers a very visual step-by-step method of learning. You can use color-coded finger placements on frets to learn to play songs. This app organizes its beginner lessons based on genre, so you can choose your own style (blues, folk, reggae, country, rock, etc.). Coach Guitar also has a library of tabs you can learn from, including essential classics and modern hits. That means you can have fun while learning real songs to show off to your friends. 041b061a72


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