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Launch X431 Diagun Software Update

With the Software Update Card it is possible to update the software of diagnostic devices of the X431 -and Creader Professional Series from LAUNCH easily and quickly. The update card can be purchased in stock to be sent quickly and efficiently on request. The runtime only starts after the card has been activated.

Launch X431 Diagun Software Update

This is the one time update for your X431 master or x431 gx3 or x431 diagun or x431 infinite tool. It includes the lastest diagnostic software for all your X431 supportable cars.after update you will get all latest 2016 LAUNCH diagnostic software

1. Launch x431 diagun iii software download:1) Log 2) Click Log in at the upper right corner, inputLogin name and password. 3) Click the button Log in, one dialog boxpopup named Security Alert, select Yes. 4) Enter Download Center.5) One-by-one to download DBSCAR_SERIES-UPDATE, firmware upgradepackage, X431 IV DISPLAY and car models software. 6) Please createnew folder on the desktop and name as X431. 7) The software savesas the X431 folder, click save. 8) After download, the followinglisted file is what you download. 2. Setup DBSCAR_SERIES-UPDATE1)Double click DBSCAR_SERIES-UPDATEand install it. 2) Choose English,click OK and follow the instruction to setup the software. Afterfinish installation, click Start-All Programs- Launch_Dbs- DbscarSerial Update Tool. 3) Open Dbscar Serial Update Tool. 4) Pleasetick before the software you want to update, and click Update . 5)The picture display update successfully. 6) Take out CF card or TFcard; insert into the X431 main unit, then X431 can work.Note:After update x431 diagun iii, Maybe the main unit will ask you toadjust the touch screen, it is normal, after correctly adjust thetouch screen, Launch X431 diagun iii will work. 350c69d7ab


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