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James Howard

How to Use Waves S1 Stereo Imager to Enhance Your Stereo Mixes

there are several ways to accelerate the ease of use of internet2 networking functionality, including pre-release copies of software, faster connectivity between endpoints and large and powerful performance-testing systems. a few of these options include pre-release software, faster connectivity, and faster performance-testing systems. pre-release software refers to a software release, after it has been signed, vetted and all testing is complete, that enables a user to start testing without waiting for a formal software release that could be months away. faster connectivity between endpoints refers to the ability to connect multiple endpoints to the internet2 network. faster performance-testing systems refers to the ability of users to run performance-testing applications on larger numbers of internet2 enabled devices. pre-release software, faster connectivity between endpoints and faster performance-testing systems enable a subset of users to test new and existing protocols without waiting for formal software releases and without having to wait for an internet2 connection that may take months. these options add to the on-going development of new internet2 networking functionality.

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our exploration, with digital cameras has uncovered the rich and wonderful world of nature. the star being that which is apparent to the human eye. without a doubt, when we turn on our smart phones, and pull out our high-quality cameras, we access another world completely. separating the human eye-world from the picture-processing-world has long been a difficult process. as a result, it is not uncommon for images to suffer a loss of detail, resolution, or color as they are processed by computers. this is a side-effect of the fact that many image-processing programs tend to over-correct, and over-amplify, many of the features, while also blocking out many of the image details. luckily, most of these effects can be counter-acted by a simple series of sharpening and filtering algorithms that are all done in hardware.


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