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Buy Air Hockey Table

Arcade air hockey tables are the largest and most elaborate. They have the sturdiest build, the most powerful motors and the most features. Most measure between 7 and 8 feet long, have electronic scoring, sound effects and eye-catching lighting effects. This also means that arcade tables are the heaviest and most expensive of air hockey tables.

buy air hockey table

Convertible air hockey tables have a similar build quality and feature set as standard air hockey tables but allow you to play more than one game. Depending on the particular model, you may replace or flip the table over to reveal a different game. Common games included in convertible air hockey tables are pool, table tennis and foosball.

Tabletop air hockey tables are the smallest of the air hockey types and the best for kids, budget-conscious consumers or those with limited space. Many can be stored in a closet or under a bed, and only pulled out when needed. As expected, most lack high-end features, like lights, a powerful blower and electronic scoring.

Most air hockey tables must be connected to an outlet at all times to function. However, some kids and tabletop models use batteries. While convenient, these will have the least powerful blowers and the slowest table action.

Air hockey tables may either have electronic or manual scoring systems. Most people prefer an electronic scoring system simply because it automates the process, making them the most convenient. Manual scoring systems are often in the abacus style or may be a slider that you move from number to number.

Flashing lights add to the excitement of an air hockey match. Depending on the model, the lights may be incorporated into the rails, in an overhead arch, in the pushers and the puck or some combination of these. The lights may also be multi-colored and react to where the puck hits.

Small tabletop air hockey tables run between $50-$100. Standard tables start around $100, and convertible models start around $250. As you get into premium options, convertible and arcade air hockey tables can all cost well into the thousands of dollars.

A. No. Air hockey tables are relatively easy to maintain. They simply require cleaning the blower and intake vent once in a while, as well as wiping down the playing surface with glass cleaner or rubbing alcohol. To increase the speed of the puck, you may also want to polish the playing surface periodically.

Typically the smaller puck tables are foreign made and are generally of cheaper construction. Made mostly for children and smaller players, these tables are less expensive and not recommended for adults or commercial use. With these smaller units the air hockey blower motor will be less powerful. Also, with the pucks being small, they have a tendency to fly off the table during game play! So heads up!

So who do you think is going to be playing your air hockey table? Is it mostly going to be for the kids and their friends or will the adults be partaking in some late night air hockey tournaments? If so, you will want to go for larger, better constructed tables, that will take the style of play that higher level players tend to dish out. The frequency at which the table is played will also influence the life of the game. So if you expect heavy use at your location, we strongly suggest a bigger, better built table.

A commonly overlooked aspect of an air hockey table is the quality of the side walls on the playfield. The sidewalls are what the puck bounces off of during game play. The more solid the wall the better deflection and rebound you are going to get from it. This makes the game play faster and with less effort from the players. Make sure to check the quality of the rails on your next air hockey table to ensure the best playfield action possible.

Evaluate the materials and construction of different tables. Is it solid wood or particle board that makes up the construction? Are the legs sturdy? How are the joints put together? Is there any kind of laminate on the playfield for protection?

Like many other products on the market, with air hockey units, you get what you pay for. Many of the more inexpensive tables will cut corners on production quality to keep the price down. Remember that when you pay for a bigger game you are also paying for better components and construction. This is going to show on the overall game play and longevity of the table.

With the right table, air hockey is a fun and easy game that the entire family can enjoy. To find the right table for your basement, garage, or game room, the This Old House Review Team researched the best air hockey tables on Amazon. Here are our favorite options.

The majority of customers were satisfied with this 4-in-1 multi-game table, stating that it worked well for all activities, including air hockey. They also said that the table was great value for the money. However, there were several complaints about the complicated assembly process of the table.

The more your air hockey table weighs, the more likely it is to stay grounded and stable during the heat of gameplay. Typically, the larger the table, the more it weighs. Air hockey tables made of solid and heavy materials, such as wood or vinyl, may add additional weight to the table.

An air hockey table is an ideal addition to your game room alongside your ping pong table, foosball table, and dartboard. One of the best parts about air hockey is that you can learn it in minutes without needing to memorize too many rules. However, there are a few basic regulations to keep in mind for fair competitive matchups.

A game usually ends when a player reaches seven goals. How quickly this happens depends on the skill level of the players as well as the quality of the table. It takes longer to finish a game if the table has smaller goals or poor airflow.

To improve gameplay, the sides of the table must be stiffer. Stiffer sides should give a better bounce. Maybe a rubber bumper, similar to the bumpers on pool tables would also help with the bounce. Pucks and strikers must be perfect circles to work well, so a builder could use a circle cutting jig to improve results.

One of the most popular choices in games & rec rooms across the country is the classic air hockey table. The incredibly fast-paced game and multiplayer fun make arcade air hockey tables an excellent addition to nearly any entertainment room.

Fortunately, the experts at Watson's are here to help you narrow your selection down with tips and tricks that make the buying process much more straightforward. Read on to discover this expert guide to purchasing the best tabletop air hockey game for your budget and your home.

Some accessories you will need are one or two pushers (also known as mallets or paddles), extra pucks, and ping pong balls if you have an air hockey table that can turn into table tennis. There are additional accessories that you can explore at Watsons.

The type of air hockey table is not only dependent on the environment you will be playing in but also who will be playing. If you are getting a table that only kids will be playing with you can get a smaller size or one of our tabletop versions, you may also want to consider purchasing more accessories if you think they might face more wear and tear. On the other hand, if you are buying a table to play tournaments with competitive adults you may want to purchase a larger size that is sturdy for intense playing.

Air hockey tables can be large, some being as big as a full-length pool or table tennis setup. Make sure you have plenty of space in your game room. Bumping into walls or other people can take away from the game.

Consider both how you plan to get the air hockey game table into your entertainment space and where it will be placed once it's in there. Always measure the critical points of entry or any tight spaces along the way, including doorways and the height and width of any staircases.

Your next step will be figuring out how much space you have in the general area of the game room. Air hockey tables can range in size from just a few feet in length to nearly 7.5 feet long and 4 feet wide. At Watson's, we recommend our customers leave a minimum of 3 feet of extra space on both playing ends of the table for simple access and plenty of free play space. Having extra space allows for even the tallest air hockey enthusiasts to have plenty of room to move around the table and make their best shot.

The air hockey tables that utilize smaller pucks are made in foreign countries and are produced and purchased for a lower price. They're usually marketed for young children and those who need a smaller, smooth playing surface.

Since these tables come at a more affordable price, they are not often recommended for adults or older kids who want regulation games or a more sports-like environment. Smaller air hockey tables likely lead to the blower engine being much less powerful and uneven airflow. Additionally, small pucks tend to fly off the table during a game more often.

The next step in buying an air hockey table is to evaluate the skill level that the most frequent air hockey players are at. Consider who you think will be playing the air hockey table the most. Will it mostly be for your adult family and friends who play air hockey tournaments late in the evening? Or will you need a table for kids who will likely put more strain and abuse on the table? Who will assemble the air hockey table? For some owners, assembly considerations can be just as important as air hockey table features.

Depending on who is using the table, you'll likely want to pick up a more extensive, sturdier constructed table that takes much abuse before showing any different signs of wear and tear. The frequency at which the table is being used may also affect how long your table lasts. Again, if you expect much heavy abuse, you might want to pick a more robust and built-tough table.

Many people on the hunt for an air hockey table overlook how critical the quality of the side walls is on the playing field. The sidewalls and rounded corners are what the puck will bounce off of during a regular round of air hockey. The more solid the side walls are, the better rebound and deflection you will get from them. The best, high-quality sidewalls will make the gameplay faster and effortless on both ends of the table. Be sure to test the quality of the rails next time you play at a friend's air hockey table to find what type of side walls will make the best game plan. 041b061a72


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