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Damla - Xosbext Ol 2018 (Official Video) - Boxca Mp3

What is damla xosbext ol boxca and why you should listen to it

If you are looking for a new and exciting musical experience, you might want to check out damla xosbext ol boxca. This is a catchy and upbeat song by Damla, one of the most popular singers in Azerbaijan. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about this song, as well as introduce you to the fascinating world of Azerbaijani music.

damla xosbext ol boxca

Damla xosbext ol boxca is a popular Azerbaijani song by singer Damla

Damla is a young and talented singer who has been making waves in the Azerbaijani music scene since her debut in 2018. She has released several hit songs, such as "Xosbext Ol", "Yalan", "Sensizem", and "Qara Gozler". Her style is a mix of pop, folk, and oriental influences, with catchy melodies and expressive vocals.

The meaning and lyrics of the song

Damla xosbext ol boxca means "Damla be happy" in Azerbaijani. It is a song that expresses the singer's wish for happiness and peace in her life. She sings about how she has faced many difficulties and challenges, but she has not given up on her dreams. She also thanks God for giving her strength and hope. Here are some of the lyrics of the song:

Damla xosbext ol boxca Senin ucun dua edirem Her sey yaxsi olsun boxca Senin ucun dua edirem Damla be happy I pray for you Everything will be fine I pray for you Heyatda cox cetinlikler var Bir gun gelir kecer hamisi Allah seni qorusun her zaman Senin ucun dua edirem There are many difficulties in life One day they will all pass May God protect you always I pray for you

The music video and its reception

The music video for damla xosbext ol boxca was released in 2018 on YouTube. It features Damla singing in various locations, such as a park, a beach, a city, and a studio. She is accompanied by dancers, musicians, and friends who join her in celebrating life. The video has over 8 million views and thousands of positive comments from fans. You can watch the video here:

Azerbaijani music is a rich and diverse musical tradition

Azerbaijani music is the musical tradition of the Azerbaijani people from Azerbaijan Republic. It has evolved over the centuries under the influence of various cultures, such as Persian, Turkish, Caucasian, Russian, and European. It has a branch mode system, where chromatisation of major and minor scales is of great importance. It also produces rhythmically diverse melodies that are often based on monody.

The history and characteristics of Azerbaijani music

The traces of ancient music of Azerbaijan were found in rock carvings of Gobustan (18-3 millennium B.C) and Gemigaya (3-1 millennium B.C). These monuments show that the ancient Azerbaijanis used musical instruments The genres and styles of Azerbaijani music

Azerbaijani music is very diverse and has many genres and styles. Some of the most popular ones are:

  • Mugham: This is a complex and sophisticated form of art music that combines vocal and instrumental improvisation with a modal system of scales and melodies. Mugham is considered the national music of Azerbaijan and is often performed at weddings, festivals, and ceremonies. Mugham singers are called khananda and are accompanied by a trio of instruments: tar (lute), kamancha (fiddle), and daf (frame drum). Mugham has several regional variations, such as Shusha, Karabakh, Baku, Shirvan, and Absheron.

  • Ashiq music: This is a form of folk music that features the ashiq, a singer-songwriter who plays the saz (long-necked lute) and tells stories, poems, and songs. Ashiq music is influenced by Turkic, Persian, and Caucasian cultures and has a rich oral tradition. Ashiqs often perform in public places, such as tea houses, parks, and squares, and engage in friendly competitions with other ashiqs. Ashiq music is recognized by UNESCO as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

  • Meykhana: This is a form of rap music that involves rhythmic recitation of rhyming couplets on various topics, such as social issues, politics, love, humor, etc. Meykhana performers are called meykhanaçı and usually perform in groups of two or more. Meykhana is derived from the Persian word meykhaneh, meaning wine house, and reflects the origins of the genre in taverns and pubs. Meykhana is often accompanied by traditional instruments, such as balaban (oboe), zurna (shawm), nagara (drum), or modern ones, such as synthesizer, drum machine, etc.

  • Jazz: This is a form of music that originated in the United States and was introduced to Azerbaijan in the 1920s by Soviet musicians. Jazz in Azerbaijan developed its own distinctive style, influenced by mugham, folk, classical, and pop music. Some of the pioneers of Azerbaijani jazz were Rafig Babayev, Vagif Mustafazadeh, Aziza Mustafa Zadeh, Salman Gambarov, Rain Sultanov, etc. Jazz mugham is a subgenre that fuses jazz with mugham elements, creating a unique fusion of East and West.

  • Pop: This is a form of popular music that emerged in Azerbaijan in the 1950s with Azerbaijani cover versions of Western songs. Pop music in Azerbaijan has evolved over the decades to incorporate various influences from rock, disco, hip hop, electronic, etc. Some of the most famous pop singers in Azerbaijan are Roya Aygün Kazımova , Safura Alizadeh , Aisel , Muslim Magomayev , etc. Pop music in Azerbaijan is also represented in international contests such as Eurovision Song Contest , where Azerbaijan won in 2011 with the song "Running Scared" by Eldar Qasimov and Nigar Jamal .

How to enjoy and appreciate Azerbaijani music

If you are interested in exploring and enjoying Azerbaijani music, here are some tips and tricks to help you:

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The best sources and platforms to listen to Azerbaijani music

There are many sources and platforms where you can listen to Azerbaijani music online or offline. Some of them are:

  • Spotify: This is a popular streaming service that offers a wide range of Azerbaijani music genres and artists. You can browse by categories such as Azerbaijani Pop , Azerbaijani Jazz , Azerbaijani Folk , etc., or search for specific songs or albums. You can also listen to playlists curated by other users or create your own. Spotify also offers podcasts on Azerbaijani culture and history.

  • YouTube: This is a video-sharing platform that hosts millions of Azerbaijani music videos and clips. You can watch official music videos by famous singers or bands, live performances at concerts or festivals, interviews with musicians or experts, documentaries on musical traditions or genres, etc. You can also subscribe to channels dedicated to Azerbaijani music or follow your favorite artists. YouTube also offers recommendations based on your preferences or history.

  • Radio: This is a traditional medium that broadcasts Azerbaijani music on various frequencies and stations. You can listen to radio programs that feature Azerbaijani music, such as Mugham Hour , Ashiq Hour , Jazz Hour , etc., or request your favorite songs or artists. You can also listen to radio stations online or via apps, such as Radio Azerbaijan , Radio Azadliq , Radio Liberty , etc.

  • CDs and DVDs: This is a physical medium that stores Azerbaijani music in digital format. You can buy CDs and DVDs of Azerbaijani music from local or online shops, such as Amazon , eBay , AliExpress , etc., or borrow them from libraries or friends. You can also rip or burn CDs and DVDs of Azerbaijani music to your computer or mobile device.

The tips and tricks to learn more about Azerbaijani culture and language

Azerbaijani music is not only a source of entertainment, but also a window to the rich and diverse culture and language of Azerbaijan. If you want to learn more about Azerbaijani culture and language, here are some tips and tricks to help you:

Learn some basic words and phrases in Azerbaijani: This will help you understand the lyrics and meanings of the songs, as well as communicate with other fans or speakers of Azerbaijani. You can use online dictionaries, such as Google Translate , Linguee


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