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James Howard

Home Alone 720p Dual Audio Movies |WORK|

in the original, kevin mccallister (joe pesci) goes home for the summer and gets kidnapped by a gang of thieves. he must fight his way out and return home. the second installment has him attempting to go home after winter, which of course ends up being a really bad idea. director john hughes is back, as well as many of the original cast and crew. this installment is a bit more action-packed and has a lot more running around, with less emphasis on the humor. it has a certain charm, but also the same problems the original had. it never really gets going, and it never really progresses. the plot is also a little too predictable, as well as some of the dialogue.

home alone 720p dual audio movies

a friend of the family kidnaps kevin (macaulay culkin) when he gets home for summer vacation. the boy disguises himself as a woman and heads to a spa. he ends up falling in love with the spas owner, who is married and cannot return his affections. meanwhile, his brother is trying to be a superhero. the brothers hide out in the hotels attic. their father discovers them and tries to kill them, after which the entire family gets kidnapped by a band of thieves. in the end, the father realizes his sons plan to save them, and he allows them to do so. kevin returns home and rescues his family.

every year, the mercer family vacation in the caribbean for christmas. this year, max is separated from his family and will be staying with his great aunt and uncle, who live in a run-down mansion on a tropical island. soon, max finds himself in a unique predicament when he is left behind, and even though he is a mischievous boy who cannot be trusted, he proves to be very resourceful when trying to overcome the situation. with the help of his great-aunt (kristin davis) and a little girl (samantha mathis), max eventually finds a way to return home, and the mercer family will have to overcome their differences to save the day.


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