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James Howard

South Park Season 26 - Episode 2 [UPD]

The next new episode of South Park season 26 airs March 29 at 10 pm ET/PT on Comedy Central. Here's the episode description: "Spring Break is an excuse for Garrison to jump back into his former depraved lifestyle."

South Park Season 26 - Episode 2

South Park season 26 episode 1: "Cupid Ye""When Tolkien and Kyle become legends at school for their TikToks, and Stan feels left out, Cartman (and little cupid) step in to put a stop to it."

South Park season 26 episode 2: "The Worldwide Privacy Tour""After being attacked by the Canadian media, the Prince of Canada and his wife find themselves in South Park after embarking on a tour in an effort to find some privacy and seclusion."

South Park season 26 episode 3: "Japanese Toilets""Randy is talked into purchasing a luxurious Japanese toilet... and can't stop bragging about it. Stan has to deal with the fallout."

The first episode in the new run sees Cartman come up with a plan after Stan starts to feel threatened by Kyle and Tolkien's friendship. But if you want to watch the new season, or catch up on old episodes, how can you do so? 041b061a72


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